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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How to make a vertical laptop stand from laser-cut acrylic

When my wife is working from home, she likes to sit at a proper desk with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse instead of hunching over her laptop. To make it easy, I set up an "umbilical cord" of power, USB, and display connection to plug in and off she goes. To free up room on her desk she lays her 13" Macbook Air on the floor which is always kind of awkward. To resolve this, I thought a space-saving vertical laptop stand could help, much like one of these made by Twelve South or Rain Design.

But it's no fun to buy one; let's design and build one from scratch out of laser-cut acrylic!

The two copies of the laptop stand I cut out of acrylic
The two copies of the laptop stand I cut out of acrylic

Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to Install a Fusion Drive into a Mac mini Running Mavericks

In order to speed up my computer without the expense of a large SSD, I just finished installing a DIY Fusion Drive into my 2011 Mac mini with great success. (This should work for Yosemite as well with minor modifications). I didn't expect the need to write about it but there were enough lessons and deviations that I'll describe them. Originally the Fusion Drive was released using Mountain Lion so most write-ups have not been updated for the newer OS X Mavericks. 

Assumptions: You have a working 2011 Mac mini running OS X Mavericks with a single HDD and want to install a second drive (an SSD) internally to make a Fusion Drive.

First, the hardware, which I ordered all from Amazon. I chose:
  • Mac mini dual drive kit from iFixit ($30) because I liked the included tools better than the similar kit from OWC (note: if prices are wonky, just order from the manufacturer directly or choose the other brand)

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