Wednesday, July 17, 2013

An Arduino-based synthesizer

One of the first projects I made with the Arduino was this synth called the "Auduino".  It consists of five potentiometers wired to the five analog inputs and one digital PWM output used for audio.  The code came directly from the project site.  Check it out in action:

All it took was the Arduino, a few wires, six potentiometers, and a variety of knobs -- all available at Fry's.  Original site has wiring diagrams, etc.

Some improvements/features I'd like to point out:

  1. Built into a disposable tupperware container -- this worked really well and could probably be used for many projects since it is dirt cheap.
  2. Battery-powered with one 9V wired through the switch built into the center potentiometer
  3. Volume control via a sixth pot in line with the audio output


  1. Bending the leads on the pots ended up making for some bad connections and hair-pulling troubleshooting -- use caution
  2. Some practice will let you make some very interesting sounds -- the video was by chance my greatest performance.  I have since completely forgotten how to do most of those effects.

More Photos:

Auduino build top view

Auduino build three-quarters view

Auduino build inside view


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